How to Download macOS Sonoma?

How to Download macOS Sonoma
How to Download macOS Sonoma

1. Download macOS Sonoma using Dev Account

On 7th June 2023, Apple announced the next major macOS operating system called macOS Sonoma. Currently, it is in the beta version and if you want to download it, you must have a developer account. Once you have a developer account, you can download the macOS 14 Sonoma easily.

Also if you do not have a developer account, go ahead and register for the Apple Development program using the below link. Following that you can proceed to download the macOS developer beta access utility. Once you have downloaded the developer beta access utility, you have to simply launch it and make sure you have a very fast Internet connection because it’s going to install the macOS 14 Sonoma on your computer.

Install macOS Developer Beta Access Utility

Please keep in mind that after a successful installation of the macOS developer access utility, your system is going to search for macOS Sonoma using the software update. Once it is downloaded, your system will restart to complete the installation process.

2. Download macOS Sonoma using Install Assistant

Install Assistant is a more direct approach that you can use to install macOS Sonoma without a developer account. Well, the catch is that first you have to download the install assistant of MacOS Sonoma directly from the Apple Servers.

InstallAssistant.pkg contains the Sonoma installation files or packages. It means after downloading you have to simply install the InstallAssistant.pkg and it will automatically add the macOS Sonoma into the applications directory. Then you have to run the macOS Sonoma from the application directory and simply go with the process of installation of macOS Sonoma on your Mac.

Note: InstallAssistant.pkg contains the official installation packages of macOS Sonoma.

Run the macOS 14 to start the Installation

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