How to Create macOS Sonoma ISO Image for VirtualBox and VMWare?

Create macOS Sonoma ISO Image
Create macOS Sonoma ISO Image

Steps to Create macOS Sonoma ISO Image

1. Download the macOS Sonoma Installer

If you are intending to create macOS Sonoma ISO image for virtual machines (VirtualBox and VMware), the first step is to download the Sonoma installer. You can download the macOS Sonoma installer from Apple servers using the below link on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

Download macOS Sonoma Beta 1

The macOS Sonoma is packaged as PKG file where the macOS Sonoma installer is available. And a PKG file can only be installed inside a Mac operating system, so either you must have a Mac computer running any macOS or a virtual machine running macOS.

Create macOS Sonoma ISO Image
Install Install Assistant on Mac

After successful installation of the macOS Sonoma on your Mac, you will find it in the application folder.

macOS Sonoma Installed

2. Launch the Terminal to create macOS Sonoma ISO Image

You need to launch a terminal in order to create macOS Sonoma ISO image. Since we are using terminal there are commands that you must know and make sure that your Mac have at least 30GB of storage. because we’ll be using around 15GB of it for creating a noise image.

1. Create an empty volume which is 15GB and it is called Sonomaiso using the below command.

hdiutil create -o /tmp/Sonoma -size 15179m -volname Sonomaiso -layout SPUD -fs HFS+J -type UDTO -attach

Although you can change the volume name to some something else but it is better not to change it at all. You can also increase the volume size but make sure the 15GB is minimum storage.

2. It is time to create macOS 14 Sonoma Installer using the createinstallmedia. createinstallmedia is located within the Applications> Install\14>> contents> resources. Or You can simply the below command and paste it in the terminal.

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ 14\ --volume /Volumes/Sonomaiso --nointeraction

3. You need to detach the macOS 14 using the below command.

hdiutil detach -force /Volumes/Install\ macOS\ 14\ beta

4. Finally, convert the Sonomaiso.cdr to Sonomaiso.iso and then move it to the desktop using the below command.

mv /tmp/Sonoma.cdr ~/Desktop/Sonoma.iso
Commands to Create macOS Sonoma ISO Images

Congratulations for creating a successful ISO image of macOS Sonoma. Now you can go ahead and install macOS Sonoma on virtual machine such as Virtualbox and vmware workstation pro or vmware workstation player on your windows machine.

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