Download macOS Sonoma ISO Image For VirtualBox and VMWare

Are you looking to download the macOS Sonoma ISO image for VirtualBox and VMWare? In this article, we will guide you through what is macOS Sonoma, what is ISO and DMG images and finally why you need macOS Sonoma ISO for Virtual Machine in Windows and Linux. Anyway, let’s dive in How you can create and Download macOS Sonoma ISO Image For VirtualBox and VMWare.

What is macOS Sonoma?

macOS Sonoma is the upcoming operating system for Mac computers. macOS Sonoma is packed with baunch of new features such as interactive widgets, improved video calls, new ways to access information, and enhanced gaming performance.

There is good news for gamers too because with macOS Sonoma Apple is bringing Game mode in their ecosystem. Game mode gives games priority access to the CPU and GPU while lowering usage for background tasks.

In general, macOS Sonoma is expected to offer a range of new features and improvements that will enhance the user experience on Mac computers.

What is macOS Sonoma ISO Image?

An ISO file is a disk image of an optical disc including the file system which is commonly used in Windows and Linux ecosystem. In simple terms, an ISO image contains an exact copy of the data on the original disc. Mostly, ISO files are used for software distribution, operating system and game discs. ISO files can be mounted as virtual drive or burn to a physical disc for use in a CD/DVD drive.

Why do I need macOS ISO Image to run macOS Virtual Machine in Windows and Linux?

Before understanding why you need ISO Image to run macOS in virtual machine on Windows and Linux, you need to understand what is DMG.

What is DMG?

DMG stands for Disk Image, which is a file format used in Apple’s macOS operating system (It is like ISO file except it is only available only on Mac). Similar to ISO DMG files can be used to distribute software and applications and it can also contain entire contents of a disk, including files, folders, and system metadata. Similar to ISO you can burn it to a physical drive or mount as a virtual drive.

Now why you need ISO File to run macOS on VMware and VirtualBox on Windows and Linux.

The answer is the file system compatibility. You can use the DMG file to run macOS in a Virtual machine in Mac but you can’t use a dmg file to run macOS in a virtual machine (VMWare & VirtualBox) on a Windows or Linux computer. That’s why you need to create ISO of macOS Sonoma to Install macOS on VMware or VirtualBox in Windows and Linux.

Download macOS Sonoma ISO Image for VirtualBox and VMWare

For now you have understand what is ISO image, what is DMG file and finally why do we need ISO image for virtual box and VMware. Moving on, it is illegal to download macOS Sonoma from any third party distribution. So for now we are only uploading the ISO image into Google Drive and MediaFire so you can get your hands on it, however I will also include the method that how you can create the ISO file yourself using terminal on a macOS environment.

ISO Credit- TechRechard:


Note: The ISO files are provided for educational purposes only, please don't misuse it. 

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