Energizing photos of the beautiful nature of Slovakia

Energizing photos of the beautiful nature of Slovakia

Flip Myrtik (filip majercik) is a young timelapse photographer and videographer living in Slovakia. Years ago, he started a project that he thought would take a long time to finish, but the 6 years it took to complete it surprised him and those around him.

Philip says that the project he did is an important turning point in his life. He believes that the time and effort he spent on this project will fill your heart with the beauty and energy of Slovak nature.

To record these images and make a video, the photographer completed almost 50 trips in addition to his daily life; 50 trips in 6 years. 3TB of data, tens of thousands of photos combined into the final video; Processing such a video takes tens or even hundreds of hours.

In this shutter, we invite you to look at the wonderful pictures of Slovakian nature and think that the value of the photos you see is as much as the life that the photographer spent on them.


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