Zarepour: Online businesses get tax exemption

Zarepour: Online businesses get tax exemption


Supporting internet businesses to be present on native platforms was one of the programs that the Ministry of Communications considered after the filtering of international platforms, including Instagram. In this regard, the government also unveiled a support package for digital economy businesses, in which some support schemes were considered. Of course, a few months after the unveiling of this package, follow-ups showed that businesses did not benefit much from this plan.

In the budget bill 1402, the parliament considered tax exemption for some internet businesses and approved that the income of some businesses of natural persons in domestic platforms and platforms should be subject to zero tax rate.

On the sidelines of the meeting this morning (June 31), the Minister of Communications announced a resolution based on which internet businesses on local platforms will be exempted from tax. Explaining this resolution, Zarepour said:

“Today, in the government, we had a resolution to facilitate internet businesses, according to which, businesses that do not have a tax code and have not filled out a tax return by the end of 1401 will be exempted from tax.”

Encouraging platforms to be present on these native platforms is the main reason for considering this tax exemption: “One of the problems in moving internet businesses from foreign to domestic platforms was that they had to pay taxes on native platforms. This is if they did not pay tax on the foreign platform. “Now the government has provided a tax exemption for businesses.”

According to him, the tax exemption is a good and great event that promotes the prosperity of internet businesses on native platforms.

Increase internet speed up to 1000 Mbps

Isa Zarepour says that the average internet speed is ten to twelve megabits per second and the Ministry of Communications is working day and night to increase the internet speed. He has also mentioned the provision of optical fiber technology to improve the speed of the Internet.

He stated that “to date, approximately 3.5 million households have been covered by the optical fiber plan, and this technology has reached more than a hundred cities” and said: “The speed of the Internet in the cities where optical fiber technology is available will be up to 1000 megabits. We have reached per second.

Production of phones using internal capacities

The use of the country’s capacities in the production of mobile phones and operating systems is a program that the Ministry of Communications seeks to implement. According to the news announced in the last few months, the government plans to produce native phones and operating systems. The phones should be economical and less than one hundred dollars and be sold in the number of one million units. Iranian phones will use the Android operating system until the Iranian operating system is made.

Today, Zarepour announced to the reporters about this issue: “We gave land to several companies in the Special Economic Zone of Payam, and these companies are launching their production line, which, God willing, will be a special event.”

the thirteenth government; Space launch record holder

Zarepour also told reporters about the country’s space achievements: “Since the beginning of this government, the historical record of space launches has been broken.” According to him, the ten-year plan of the country’s space industry was approved last year in the National Center of Virtual Space.

The Minister of Communications also announced the addition of clauses related to the country’s space industry to the 7th Development Plan and said: “According to the same plan, which was announced by the President, we made suggestions to add clauses to the 7th Development Plan so that we can achieve our goals.”


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