In praise of the beauty of birds; Winners of the 14th Audubon Photography Awards

The Audubon Photography Awards is one of the leading bird photography competitions in North America. By showcasing the beauty of birds, Audubon draws people’s attention to endangered species. This national association is a non-profit environmental protection organization founded in 1905. This organization works to protect birds and their habitat through various programs in cooperation with other partners such as nature centers.

Selected winners of the 14th edition of the Audubon Contest were selected from among 2,200 entrants residing in all 50 US states and 8 Canadian provinces.

This year, wildlife photographer Liron Gertsman took home the grand prize. The Canadian photographer, who has a degree in biology and leads photography tours across Canada, won the 2023 Audubon for his impressive portrait of two hyenas. 23-year-old Gertsman successfully made a name for himself at this young age.

Scroll through to see more photos of the winners. Enjoy watching birds in their natural environment.

Grand prize winner

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