Qualcomm unveiled the Sound S3 Gen 2 audio chip with a focus on gamers


Focusing on gamers, Qualcomm has introduced a new processor called Snapdragon Sound S3 Gen 2, which is used in dongles and adapters and brings the latency below 20 milliseconds.

The new Qualcomm chip combines Snapdragon Sound and LE Audio to deliver ultra-low latency and offers an additional back channel for voice chat. Qualcomm says that latency is even lower if you don’t use voice chat.

According to AndroidQualcomm’s new chip is also used in wireless charging cases that have the ability to transmit sound and supports the latest version of the Auracast standard. This standard is based on Bluetooth LE Audio.

Dongles and adapters equipped with Qualcomm’s new processor can broadcast content from devices such as TVs, phones, personal computers, and consoles to people who are near the device. The chip can be used to assist hearing at public events or share music with friends nearby.

Qualcomm has not yet said in which devices its new chip will be used.

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