Study exemption inquiry 1402

Study exemption inquiry 1402


Boys over the age of 18 who are subject to military service in order to be able to continue their education need a document that shows that they are studying and therefore, they should not be sent to serve. This exemption is temporary and non-permanent and allows a person to continue studying instead of being sent to the service for several years. If you do not know the duration of your educational exemption, there is a possibility that this time will end and you will be considered absent from the military.

If you are one of these people and you want to know how you can inquire about education exemption, stay with Zomit until the end of this article. In this article, we have explained all the ways to request an educational exemption and the steps you must go through for this.

Who are eligible for educational exemption?

Before we explain the steps to request an educational exemption, it is necessary to tell you who is eligible for an educational exemption. You will be subject to this law only if you meet these conditions and you can inquire about your educational exemption status. Subjects of educational exemption are:

  • Students of different schools and higher education centers under the supervision of the Ministry of Education
  • Bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate and higher degree students studying in public, applied science, non-profit and independent universities
  • Students studying in seminaries

Study exemption inquiry methods

Inquiring about educational exemption can be done in different ways. You can apply for educational exemption both in person and online. The way to do it in person is usually to go to +10 police centers, which are responsible for issuing a certificate that exempts people from education.

If you prefer online inquiry and don’t intend to spend your time and energy going to +10 police centers, you have two ways to do this offline, which will be fully taught to you in the following.

Inquiring about educational exemption from the police +10

One of the ways to find out about the educational exemption, for example, to know how long you are exempted from service due to your study or to find out when your educational exemption ends, is to go to one of Visit +10 police offices.

If for any reason you don’t want or can’t use the online method to request a study exemption, visiting the nearest +10 police office near your place of residence is the way you can use it and in a few steps the duration of your study exemption inquire about

  • For this, you must go through the following four steps:

1- Go to one of the +10 police offices in your city of residence

2- Inform one of the administrators of this center about the request for study exemption

3- Submit the required documents. These documents include: national card, national code, Sakha code and…

After presenting and checking the documents and passing a few minutes, the +10 police officer will provide you with the result of the inquiry. As a result of this query, it will be clear to you how long you have an educational exemption and on what date this exemption will end.

Online inquiry of educational exemption from the epolice website

If you don’t want to spend your energy and time to visit +10 police offices to get the results of your educational exemption inquiry, you can use the online method that is intended for this purpose.

For this it is necessary to Police electronic service system See. To access this system, enter the address in the URL section of your browser and search. On the page that is displayed to you, select the “Login to the site” section.

On the right side of the new page you see, in the “Public Task” section, select the first option, which is “Public Task Internet Services” and click on it.


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