The Galaxy Enhance-X photo editing program has been released for the Galaxy S22 and Zfold 4 series

Samsung announced a few months ago that it will offer the Galaxy Enhance-X photo editing program for its high-end phones. Now the South Korean technology giant has released this application for the Galaxy Zfold 4; An application that was previously not compatible with Android 13 and was only available for older Samsung phones.

written by GSMArenaGalaxy S22 and Galaxy S23 owners can also download the Galaxy Enhance-X app for free from the Samsung App Store. Interestingly, Zfold 4 is the first foldable phone that supports this program.

Galaxy Enhance-X is a very powerful program that offers a large number of filters and presets, and in addition, it automatically detects and fixes blur, low detail and noise problems. In addition, you can use the tools of this application to manually edit your photos and set things like brightness, HDR, etc. on them.

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