With the new law of the European Union, the battery of smartphones must be replaceable!

to report Android AuthorityAll manufacturers from Apple to Samsung have to change the way they design their phones. EU representatives say that the Glass Sandwich method in smartphones must be stopped or that manufacturers come up with a way to connect the parts without glue.

Although the law on the use of replaceable batteries has been approved for EU countries, manufacturers do not design products specifically for them. However, the new law may become widespread worldwide.

Of course, the law mandating the use of replaceable batteries in smartphones will not come into effect for a few years, and manufacturers have until 2027 to implement the changes they need. The EU can also extend this time limit if manufacturers need more time to implement changes.

The new EU law is mostly an attempt to reduce environmental waste. European Union representatives have announced in earnest that they want the tech industry to be more responsible when it comes to batteries. The law also includes provisions on the recyclability of batteries, minimal use of precious metals and stricter targets for waste collection.

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