Satya Nadella’s childhood dream of translating Rumi’s poems has come true with the help of artificial intelligence

Satya Nadellathe CEO of Microsoft, in an interview with Steve Levy Wired explained more about his company’s heavy investment in generative artificial intelligence and its use in various products and services.

Levy began his interview by asking the Microsoft CEO a question to understand Microsoft’s decision to invest in generative AI. Nadella points out that most people realized the power of this masterpiece model by upgrading the GPT 2.5 model to GPT 3, and after that the capacity of artificial intelligence to perform various tasks became more apparent.

The fact that not much additional work has been done to teach coding to the GPT model; But the results were truly impressive, convincing Nadella that AI would truly be transformative.

In part of his interview, Nadella says that the GPT 3 model has helped him achieve one of his childhood dreams. When he lived in Hyderabad, India, he always wanted to read Persian poetry, and now with the help of artificial intelligence, he has succeeded in reading the works of the famous Persian poet, Molana translate into Urdu and then English.

Also, the CEO of Microsoft announced that his company started investing in artificial intelligence some time ago and has used this technology in various products, including the new Bing and Azure service.

He says he decided to work with the AI ​​startup after realizing OpenAI’s goal was the same as Microsoft’s. By combining their resources and expertise, these two companies have found an easier way to achieve their goals.

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