Localization in the field of technology; Iranian phone and operating system are under construction

Apparently, the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Privacy are seriously looking for the production of indigenous mobile phones. A project that has been an idea for several years and has been pursued by previous governments, but has not yet been successfully implemented. Now, however, the Ministry of Communications has announced that it has planned to carry out this project with the cooperation of the Ministry of Security and wants to produce indigenous phones with a specific goal.

In addition to the issue of phone production, building a native operating system is considered one of the goals that the Ministry of Communications has considered and has invited companies to cooperate in order to do so. Therefore, it seems that one of the most serious plans and programs of the Ministry of Communications of the 13th government is to make Iranian phones that have a native operating system. Of course, the priority for now is to produce native phones, and the Iranian operating system is the next priority.

Issa Zarepour has said that a program has been prepared for the production of indigenous phones, and new companies are supposed to operate in this field in addition to the companies that were previously active in the field of mobile phone production, such as GLX, JPlus and others, in order to achieve the goal of producing mobile phones. Iranian to be realized. According to what Zarepour announced, the ministries of communication and privacy are planning to produce and supply affordable local phones for less than 100 dollars.

The Minister of Communications has explained in this context: “This year, several new actors will enter the field of mobile phone production. Domestic mobile phone production will have a different effect and other actors will enter this field” of course, Zarepour also added that the old manufacturers will continue their activities and their production lines will be strengthened.

Earlier, Mohammad Khansari, the head of the Information Technology Organization, mentioned the issue of the production of indigenous mobile phones and said that a schedule has been determined for this work and facilities have been considered. According to him, the Ministry of Communications aims to produce one million indigenous mobile phones for this year and has provided a facility of 500 billion tomans for it.

Khansari said: “One of the programs will be the production of domestic mobile smartphones, for which at least 500 billion tomans of employment creation facilities have been allocated this year, and our goal is to manufacture one million smartphones.”

In addition to the facilities, the Minister of Communications has announced that for the production of Iranian mobile phones, facilities such as land, sheds and equipment have been considered in Payam Special Economic Zone so that companies can use them and start their production line.

The production of Iranian mobile phones is also part of the localization plan and support for the manufacture and production of Iranian equipment, which has always been emphasized, and Zarepour recently emphasized the all-round support for localization. On the sidelines of the 17th Khordad meeting of the government board, the Minister of Communications had announced in a part of his speech to the journalists:

“We are the supporter and promoter of domestic capacities both in the field of hardware, software and platform. Every year, we announce the localization priorities in the field of information technology in the Ministry of Communications. This year, we have announced that we will support companies that invest in this field.”

He further emphasized that in various areas, including the Information Technology Park and Payam Special Economic Zone, special facilities have been considered for carrying out production activities so that companies can work for the localization of information technology products.

Of course, this effort to localize and produce hardware and software is not limited to the production of native mobile phones. The Ministry of Communications plans to create a native and safe operating system so that the same native operating system can be used in Iranian phones.

It was December of the year 1401 that the Ministry of Communications invited domestic manufacturers of smart mobile phone operating systems to cooperate by publishing a call. In the text of the call of the Ministry of Communications, it was stated:

“Individuals and legal entities, including private companies, non-governmental organizations, and non-governmental organizations, who have at least one operating system installed on a smartphone by the 20th of January 1401, are invited for evaluation.”

According to the latest comments published in the media, the special program to build this operating system is still ongoing, but due to the time-consuming nature of this project, domestically produced mobile phones will use the Android operating system for now; But the task set by the Supreme Council of Cyberspace is to build a native operating system for Iranian mobile phones.

In this regard, the Minister of Communications told Tasnim: “We are following up to install a secure and approved operating system on devices other than mobile phones; There is a separate detailed discussion about the operating system of the phone, and we have a plan in this regard.

Some rumors suggest that it is possible that the operating system that is going to be used in the native phones is HarmonyOS (HarmonyOS) belonging to the Chinese company Huawei. After the native operating system is designed and built, this operating system will replace the Android operating system.

Of course, the use of the Android operating system will be temporary, because the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space has mandated that Iranian mobile phones must have a native operating system. This happened as it has happened up to now regarding devices with systems other than mobile phones, such as household appliances; It should also be done for mobile phones.

Now, considering all the plans and programs that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the 13th government has for the production of mobile phones and native operating systems, it should be seen whether this ministry can achieve the goal of the governments in Iran for the past three decades and produce native mobile phones. This time the production project of this product will fail.

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