Experience high-speed and stable 4G internet with the Pendulum Neterbit NW-431F router modem

Experience high-speed and stable 4G internet with the Pendulum Neterbit NW-431F router modem


The powerful Neterbit 4G router provides download speed up to 150 Mbps with strong Wi-Fi coverage so that you can connect your laptop to smart TV and your phone to high-speed and stable Internet. Neterbit routers are launched with Awang’s well-known warranty.

Neterbit has also offered ADSL and VDSL modems, which have been welcomed by buyers and positive opinions of the media. Among Netrebit fixed internet modems, we can mention NSL-224, ND-4230N and NWR-M920 models. However, this brand also has some powerful and valuable 4G modems, one of which is the NW-431F.

NW-431F is a 4G router netbit with stylish design and powerful hardware designed to provide stable and high-speed internet. Also, this Neterbit four-antenna router has a stylish design with a white theme, which can be installed in any corner of your home or office.

The NW-431F Neterbit router can provide 4G networks with a maximum download speed of 150 Mbps and a maximum upload speed of 50 Mbps through wired and wireless devices.

This router has four 100 Mbps cable network (LAN) ports and four 3dBi high power external antennas. The powerful Wi-Fi of this modem has a speed of 300 Mbps, which provides strong and extensive coverage for various devices.

It is very easy to install and set up the Neterbit NW-431F 4G router, and you can enjoy high-speed 4G internet in just a few minutes. This modem also has advanced settings and features. More interestingly, there is no need to configure internet settings. Needless to say, the mentioned router automatically activates the settings related to your SIM card network.

It doesn’t matter whether your use is gaming or downloading high-quality videos and watching Internet series, the high-power NW-431F Netterbit router is a relatively small device that meets all your expectations of high-speed Internet and strong Wi-Fi coverage.

Neterbit NW-431F router supports the mobile network of all Iranian operators and you can use any SIM card you want. This 4G modem-router benefits from a wide after-sales service network throughout the country.

Neterbit products with a three-year warranty pendulum (including device replacement in the first year) is offered.


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