Apple’s next iPhones may be scratch and shock resistant

Apple’s next iPhones may be scratch and shock resistant


In the past few years, smartphones have become thinner and better quality; So that today even some mid-range models convey the feeling of a luxury product to the user; But these devices still get scratched easily and are fragile against impact and their metal frame gets dented. It seems that Apple is trying to increase the resistance of its iPhones with its new patent.

Apple has recently registered a patent called Spatial Composites, according to which it seeks to use materials such as ceramics and different metals in the body of their phones. Thus, thanks to a new process, the body of the device is protected against scratches, shocks and dents more than before.

According to Apple’s new patent, the composite can significantly increase the strength of the iPhone’s body compared to the currently used materials. This process allows Apple to change the material density in different parts of the device. For example, to increase the resistance against the dent caused by impact, the density of the material on the sides of the device can be increased; While the rest of the body of the device remains light.

Apple’s new manufacturing process can be used for a wide range of devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops and even music players; Therefore, maybe in the future we will see the first Apple device with a space composite body.

Do not forget that patent registration does not necessarily mean using them in products; Because patents may never see the color of reality.

What is your opinion about Apple’s new patent? Will Apple soon use this process to produce its products?


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