Which loans in 1402 can be registered in absentia?

Borrowing from banks is a difficult process that requires going to the bank and waiting. But there are some loans for which all or part of the steps can be taken online and offline.

Banks that have an advanced electronic banking system make it possible to go through the validation process and the guarantor’s application online and offline in addition to registration.

Registration for using different facilities of Saman Bank is offline in the first stage. Saman Bank provides personal loans for housing repair, housing purchase, car purchase, consumer durables, and marriage loans for welfare organization and relief committee clients.

You can register online in the facility system to receive this facility. If you are not a member of this system, you do not need to be a Saman Bank customer, but at the address Facility system Select the option to enter the system and then register. After entering the SMS code sent to you, enter the system and register your request and complete the information. After the bank has received the desired inquiries and passed the validation and uploading of documents, an SMS will be sent to you based on which you should go to the desired branch and receive your facility.

Resalat Bank loan

To register and receive a loan from Resalat Bank online, you must first open an account. If you do not have an account in this bank and you want to register in absentia, your only option is to become a member of the social assistance center of this bank through My mission system Is. Be sure to do this registration with your mobile phone, because in the next steps of authentication, you have to upload a video of yourself in this system.

After you have opened an account, enter the section of receiving absentee facilities in the bank. The steps to get a Qarz Al-Hosna loan are as follows: first, the validation is done in the Merat system of the i-cup application, then the facility estimate is made for you, and you must also receive an electronic promissory note. After that, you request a facility. To apply for the facility, you must refer to Resalat Bank’s Internet.

If you have an electronic account in Future Bank, to use the facilities of Future Bank, such as loans, you must go to The virtual system of future bank facilities (direction) refer. Otherwise, you must first open an account through one of Aydeh Bank’s branches and then register in this system.

After registering in this system and receiving your username and password, your request for the facility you want will be sent to selected branches of this bank across the country.

Please note that the facilities of Future Bank are given to applicants who do not have bounced checks in the country’s banking system and do not have pending claims in Future Bank or the country’s banking system.

Qarzul Hosna loan for retirees

Recently, a possibility has been provided for retirees to receive Qarz Al-Hasna loan. It is possible to register for this loan both online and offline.

For this, you have to Pensioner loan registration system Log in and go through the steps as we explained earlier in the 1402 pensioner loan registration training article.

You can also get a loan from Bank Mellat up to 200 million tomans with an interest rate of 18% and a repayment period of 36 to 60 months. First, you must enter with your ID and password Bank Mellat’s electronic banking system become If you have an ID and password, your work is simple from now on, but if you don’t have one, you can get an ID and password only by visiting the branches in person.

After logging in to the system, select the Mellat Farabank facility option. At this stage, after reading the terms and conditions, the necessary inquiries are made online. If the answer to your inquiry is acceptable, based on the calculations of the system, you will be offered suitable facilities that you can choose from.

Enter the information and upload the documents, after accepting the information and documents, confirm your application and receive its receipt. Note that in order to receive this loan, you need to have 3 to 6 months of deposits in this bank and you should not have a returned check or debt to the bank. It is possible for you to authenticate and sign the facility contract both with a digital signature and offline as well as in person.

In National Bank, you can also receive facilities in absentia. The loan limit of National Bank is 300 million tomans and you need to make a deposit for 3 to 6 months. Then you can get a loan with an interest rate of 18%. Also, you should not have a bounced check or bank debt, your employment and income documents are also important for getting a loan.

To register offline to receive a loan from Melli Bank, first log in Internet system of National Bank facilities become Then select the option of electronic system and facility system.

Enter the request registration section and register your request by entering information. Here, all customers can register an application, but you must be a National Bank customer to continue the application process. So, within 7 days from the registration of the application in one of the opening branches.

In the next steps, you need to register in the system and you need a customer number to register. It is possible to enter the system with a username and password. By logging into the system, you can view the status of your request for facilities and complete and upload the documents in the next steps.

Sadaret Bank virtual branch “Shams” It is also possible to register in absentia. Export offers various facilities such as marriage and dowry, special classes, relief and welfare committee, rural housing loan, Tabsem plan, etc. The terms of each loan are different, but you can apply online from Saderat Bank’s facility conditions Get notified and register.

First, you must be registered in the Shams system and then enter the panel by creating a user account and select the facility request registration in the banking facility section. At this stage, you must open a bank account in Sadaret Bank. Then you can enter your details and choose the facility you receive. After completing the collateral, fee and guarantor forms and uploading the documents, your application will be registered and you will be given a tracking code.

As a virtual bank, Bluebank offers all its services offline and online. One of these services Bluebank loan It is paid between 3 and 10 million Tomans based on the average of your account in three consecutive months.

You can choose the loan repayment period between 1 and 6 months. The interest of this loan is 22% and the fee is 4%. To receive this loan, your average account must be at least 3 million Tomans for three consecutive months.

To receive this loan, if you do not have a Bluebank account yet, install the application and open an account there. Then see your loan status in the profile menu. This loan is without collateral and guarantor. The more activity you do in Bluebank, the higher the amount you can borrow. If you pay off the entire loan amount in less than a month, you don’t have to pay interest.

Loan without guarantor and instant loan

Bankino as a credit in the format Vamino It lends you up to 10 million tomans. All the steps of registering and receiving this loan are offline and online. It is important that your credit score is high enough to qualify for a loan. On average, you get one credit point for every one million Tomans in balance every month, and these points accumulate for 6 months, and you can get a loan based on the point you received.

You do not need a guarantor, check or promissory note for this loan. It is enough to open an account in Bankino online. The annual interest of this loan is 2%.

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