New solutions for the smart SIM card of Shuttle Mobile will be introduced at Elcomp exhibition

New solutions for the smart SIM card of Shuttle Mobile will be introduced at Elcomp exhibition


According to the public relations report of Shuttle Mobile, this country’s mobile phone operator, by providing a smart SIM card to the country’s communication market for the first time in Iran and as a reliable platform for communication needs, as well as by introducing its latest services, technologies and organizational solutions in the hall B31 will host those interested in this field.

Elcomp exhibition is one of the most important business and technology events in Iran, which will be held this year with the slogan “a better future for the digital economy” along with the large presence of activists in this field from July 4th to July 7th at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions.

Shuttle Mobile as the only provider operator Smart SIM card In the country, it will be present in this exhibition while in addition to providing basic communication services including mobile internet, conversation and SMS, it will provide the possibility of automatic connection to the network of all three operators with the country’s radio network for its SIM card subscribers and with continuous analysis of the network. Available in the geographical location of subscribers, it selects the highest quality radio network in each region in a completely intelligent way.

Manual management of the host network» is another distinct service provided by Shuttle Mobile and it allows all its subscribers to make inquiries by dialing the command code 1*8*# or through online account management or My Shuttle Mobile application. The name of the host radio network, manually change this network at the moment and connect to the network of the host operator you want.

Other distinctive services offered by Shuttle Mobile in this exhibition are the ability to transfer the rest of the internet package to the next period, the possibility of using the Namava movie and series service without the need to purchase a subscription, special discounts for services and entertainment, and providing the most diverse and affordable services. It is combined with the most economical mobile internet packages.

Another part of mobile shuttle introductions in this exhibition Organizational solutions It is dedicated that one of the newest services is the texting service of the mobile shuttle service. The mobile shuttle SMS sending service provides customers with the possibility to send corporate SMS directly to their contacts without any intermediary. Shuttle Mobile customers can use SMS service in two ways: web service and panel.

APN-VPN solution for stable communication within the organization without dependence on the Internet from a secure platform, providing SIM cards with the exclusive brand of organizations and companies, static IP on the SIM card to have a unique, valid and permanent ID on the Internet, as well as “mobile” technology “Connect” as the latest authentication technology through SIM card, is another organizational solution of Shuttle Mobile that business owners can learn about in this exhibition.

Those interested can visit the Shuttle Mobile booth in this exhibition during the announced period every day from 8 am to 3 pm, or for more information, visit the Shuttle Mobile website Visit.


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