How to send files from Android to Mac with Nearby Share


In this article from Zomit, we will teach you how to transfer your information and data from Android to Mac with Nearby Share and NearDrop.

How to set up NearDrop on Mac

Apple’s MacOS operating system does not support Nearby Share and cannot be used to transfer information and data. However, there is another tool called NearDrop that supports Android to Mac file sharing protocol. So, by running this app on Mac, you can send files from Android devices to Mac via Nearby Share.

With this method, you can only send your files from Android to Mac and it is not possible to transfer information and data from Mac to Android.

Before launching NearDrop, you need to enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on Mac OS, because without access to these two protocols, it is not possible to use this program. Follow the steps below to start this program.

1. application NearDrop Download from the GitHub page and extract it from the zip folder.

2. Move the extracted files to your Mac’s Applications folder.

3. The first time you try to launch NearDrop, you’ll see a warning that “It can’t open because Apple can’t check for malware.” Apple typically prevents third-party apps from unapproved developers from running on Macs.

4. To solve this problem, go to Settings > Privacy & security and click Open Anyway for the NearDrop application. Note that you must enter your password or use Touch ID when entering the privacy and security section.

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