When will the Apple iMac M3 be released?

When will the Apple iMac M3 be released?


By the way Mark GermanApple is working on larger iMac models; Including the 32-inch iMac. Of course, since the production of larger iMacs is in the early stages, we may see many changes in Apple’s plans. Garman says the larger iMacs probably won’t hit the market until late 2024.

Apple’s iMac M3 is expected to be released in the second half of 2023 at the earliest, Garman has said. He emphasized his statement once again; But it has said that the iMac M3 is likely to arrive in early 2024.

The M3 processor, which will be based on 3nm lithography, will bring a significant improvement in Mac performance. It is said that Apple will first equip the 13-inch MacBook Air with this processor.


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