The Vision Pro may never become Apple’s next iPhone

The Vision Pro may never become Apple’s next iPhone


The iPad became extremely popular as soon as it was released on the market and by 2011 (one year after its release) it had recorded 20 billion dollars in revenue, accounting for 18% of the global sales of Apple products. In the first year of this tablet, Apple sold approximately 15 million of them. At that time, the iPad performed almost three times better than the original iPhone.

Apple Watch achieved massive revenue at a slower pace; But today it is considered one of the most important products of Apple. So far, Apple has never mentioned Apple Watch sales figures, listing them under the Wearables and Home Appliances and Accessories category. This category also includes AirPods, Beats headphones, HomePod and Apple TV.

Apple’s wearables and home appliances and accessories group registers annual revenue of about 40 billion dollars; That is, almost the same size as a Mac. The Apple Vision Pro will probably end up in this group; But it has a long way to go.

The first generation Apple Watch was released in 9 countries at a price of 349 dollars. The Vision Pro is slated to launch in early 2024 for almost 10 times more, exclusively in the US market. The Vision Pro will be exclusive to the US for months, and probably won’t hit retail stores until 2025.

Smart watches such as the Apple Watch were not very popular in 2015 and not everyone was going to buy them; However, health trackers were very popular.


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