There is no trace of Iran in the ranking list of countries in the field of artificial intelligence

There is no trace of Iran in the ranking list of countries in the field of artificial intelligence


According to Tortoise Media’s survey on the artificial intelligence index, the first place in the government strategy category belongs to Saudi Arabia. This country ranks 31st in terms of the general index of artificial intelligence. Other Middle Eastern countries also have significant ranks in this list, and for example, Qatar is ahead of Japan in the field of artificial intelligence research with the 17th rank, and the United Arab Emirates has the best rank of the Arab countries with the 28th rank. The best scores in all categories were achieved by the United States, China and Singapore out of 62 countries.

to report Selection From Al-Monitor, this ranking was done using more than 100 indicators to measure the levels of artificial intelligence, which were examined in different categories such as talent, infrastructure, research and development, and foreign and national strategies. The leadership of Saudi Arabia in the category of government strategy shows the depth of the commitments and national strategies of this country. In the government’s strategy, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, Turkey, Qatar, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia and Bahrain are the leading countries in the Middle East.

In general, the countries of the Middle East and North Africa scored lower in the categories of skilled talent and research and development.

The UAE has been able to take the fourth place in artificial intelligence infrastructure. In this index, the stability of the Internet and electricity and the capabilities of supercomputers are measured, in which the UAE has a good position.

Since late 2020, Saudi Arabia has launched a national data and artificial intelligence strategy and aims to attract 20 billion dollars of domestic and foreign capital by 2030.

Since 2017, the UAE has created the AI ​​Strategy, which aims to establish an AI Council by the government, develop talent skills and create laws for the safe use of AI.

According to the estimate of this report, the fastest growth of artificial intelligence spending in the world by 2026 will occur in the Middle East.

But Iran has no place in this ranking. While the Persian Gulf countries are making extensive investments and creating infrastructure for growth in the field of artificial intelligence, Iran prevents growth in the digital field and innovations in this field with infrastructural and regulatory restrictions.

This is in a situation where Iran has access to expert human resources, a matter that countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar are trying to compensate for their lack by using the world’s liquid human capital. They have also launched the infrastructure of progress in the fields of technology and have enabled the growth of startups and companies in this field by creating economic stability. For a long time, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have won the first places in terms of mobile and fixed internet speeds in speedtests, and Saudi Arabia is far better than Iran.

Previously, the data of the 1401 migration yearbook also showed that the Middle East is an important startup ecosystem, and countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Oman have provided facilities to attract specialized human resources and company owners. On the other hand, in the technological work environment of Iran, the news tells about the emigration and flight of specialists and companies in these fields from the country.

Although the Minister of Communications announced in June this year that the Supreme Council of Cyberspace is drafting a document for the development of artificial intelligence, but despite the restrictions and measures in the infrastructure field, the drafting of this document does not seem to have a positive effect on the growth of this technology in the country.


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