What will happen if the ozone layer is destroyed?


Many feedback and stimulus mechanisms are effective in stabilizing and regulating the overall average temperature of the earth. In the simplest picture, we receive solar radiation. Part of this radiation is reflected in the collision with the upper atmosphere of the earth; while the rest of it goes down.

Then, some of the radiation is absorbed by the air and the ground and the rest is reflected from the surface of the earth. Most of its reflection returns to space; But some of it is reabsorbed by the atmosphere and creates the greenhouse effect, which makes the surface temperature of the earth warmer than it would be without this effect.

The described picture is very simplistic. In fact, the temperature and climate of the earth depends on many factors, from the abundance of different molecules in the atmosphere to the circulation systems of the atmosphere and ocean.

According to ScienceAlertWhile the ozone layer of the Earth’s upper atmosphere is vital to prevent the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, most climate models have ignored the effect of ozone in relation to the study of Earth’s climate. However, researchers have recently demonstrated the effect of the ozone layer in a new paper published on the Pre-Published Papers Server. Archive It has been published and reviewed.

Earth did not always have an ozone layer. Before life appeared, ozone was essentially non-existent in Earth’s atmosphere, and Earth spent billions of years with a negligible ozone layer. In recent years, the ozone layer has stabilized in the form of a thick layer that we see today.

While molecular oxygen, which makes up a large part of the Earth’s atmosphere, plays a small role in climate, the ozone layer plays a significant role in this field.

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