What should we do to reduce the Snap fare?


These days, the fare of all kinds of internet taxis has increased and this price increase has reached a significant figure along with the rise of other living expenses; To the extent that some passengers of these taxis may have to remove this section from their household basket.

The use of Snap or Tapsi internet taxis has penetrated so much in the daily life of a part of the people that it is difficult and difficult for them to replace it with public transportation.

For those who use Snap every day to go to work and back, the increase in fares is a serious problem; However, some choose an intermediate solution. Colleagues or friends who share the same route share Snap so that the fare can be shared between several people. But it is difficult to find colleagues who leave work at a certain time and always go home.

But maybe by using methods you can reduce your snap rent. In some of the following methods, the price difference will be somewhat significant and the use of Snap will be economical.

Proper planning to make the most of Snappy trips during off-peak hours

In the article we worked on in Zomit before, titled “How does Snap calculate the fare?” It was said that Snap uses a dynamic pricing system. This means that the price of a fixed route may change at different times due to changes in travel time due to factors such as traffic or special weather conditions. For this reason, in certain hours of the day and night, the prices are lower than usual and cheaper than usual, and in other hours, we see an increase in the price.

Before the change of the start time of government offices and institutions to 6 am and their end time at 13:45 or 14:00, Tehran witnessed two distinct and regular traffic peaks.

The city’s traffic peak was from 7 to 10 in the morning and from 4 to 8 in the afternoon. The times when employees or students go to work or school and university or return. The price of Snap rental in these two time periods is always more expensive than other hours of the day and night, and probably less cars could provide services. Because a large part of Snap cars were trapped in morning and evening traffic.

If we can plan our intra-city travel so that they do not fall within these time frames, we will receive a different figure for our snap. This planning does not need to be a few hours here and there when we are planning to travel, it is enough to request Snap at 10:15 instead of 9:30 in the morning, or instead of twenty minutes to 8:00 in the evening, the hand will pass 8 and then the request button. hit

Of course, this method is more suitable for those who change their travel time within the city by themselves or are not obliged to be somewhere at a certain time.

Use discount codes

A large number of SMS are sent to our mobile phones every day. From Istanbul and Kish tours to buying land in the northern towns of the country and buying our SIM card at the highest price. This amount of advertising SMS has made us not to see our important SMS or those that can be more useful to us and as a result we lose them.

One of these useful SMS are discount codes that are sent to our inbox every few days. Codes that can sometimes be used in three trips and reduce the cost of the fare to a good and not optimal level.

Therefore, to be able to reduce the cost of our Snap a little, we should pay attention to the SMS inbox of our mobile phone.

In addition, in the discounts section of the application, new discounts are given that can be used.

Let’s go to the alley instead of inside the alley

One of the methods that works without turning back and leads to a reduction in the snap fare is to walk a few steps to the main street or alley and then press the request button instead of asking for a snap inside the alley. This method is very effective in crowded neighborhoods and during peak traffic.

Consider one of the side streets of Jordan Street or Vali Asr Street or Jumoori Street or any busy street in any city. At 5 o’clock in the evening, all the companies located in the side streets are closed and a large amount of passengers and cars go to the main street. Sometimes the traffic is extended to the side streets. If you ask for Snap in the middle of one of these alleys, it may take 15 to 20 minutes for the car to open a path from the main street and reach you, pick you up and return to the main street.

But if you travel the distance from the middle of the alley to the head of the main street – if the distance is short – you will see how much time and money Snap will save in your favor.

Using Snap group services and receiving Snap Club points and converting to Snap Taxi credit code

Snap Club is actually Snap’s customer club. Every time you use any of Snap’s services, you earn points that are stored and registered in SnapClub. You can spend these points as you wish and you can also participate in the Snap Club lottery.

When the sum of your points exceeds a certain limit, you can use special discounts; what does it mean? This means that you can get a discount for the number of points you request. The use of these discounts is not only for Snap Car and you can use these discount codes in other services as well.

But the thing to think about is that in Snap Khodro, for example, when the fare is set at 75 thousand tomans, the discount of 18 thousand tomans is more noticeable than buying from a supermarket where you don’t buy anything, you have to pay 300 thousand tomans, and then 18 thousand tomans are lost in the original amount.

So be aware of your snap club. On the top bar of the main page of the application, next to the house icon, see the number of your points.

Introducing SNAP to friends and acquaintances and receiving SNAP credits

Maybe you didn’t know that if you invite your friends to Snap, you get a discount code. By inviting your friends to use Snap, give them a 10,000 Toman discount and get a free trip (up to 10,000 Tomans) from Snap. To receive this gift, it is enough for your friend to make his first Snappy trip. You can use the code sharing method to introduce your friends.

To use this discount, you can log in to the Snap app, then tap the car snap, then tap the menu (it has the shape of a dummy) at the top of the left screen and log in. Choose the free travel option. On the page that opens, you will see the word “invite friends” in a green bar at the bottom. Click on it and send the link to your friends and invite them to Snap.

Using Snapline service

This method can be very economical for employees and students who travel a certain route at a certain time every day. Of course, this does not mean that others cannot use this service; If you already know the time and route of your trip, Snapline is useful for you.

The noteworthy point is that using this service can make your fare 50% more economical than the door service.

All the supports that Snap Car has are also provided in this service. This means you can contact the driver or contact the support if there is a problem with the car or if you have a complaint.

On the home page of the Snap application, you will see the Snapline option. Snapline is actually an online linear taxi service. That is, how many people can use a vehicle, which is usually a van, at the same time on a predetermined route.

In this service, the route and stations where you can board Snap Line are specified. These all depend on travel demands and traffic density in the past.

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