Several Chinese companies joined hands to hit Samsung in the US market

Several Chinese companies joined hands to hit Samsung in the US market


Several Chinese display manufacturers, including BOE, CSOT, Tianma, and Visionx, are working together to invalidate one of Samsung’s patents in the United States. This action is a direct response to Samsung’s previous efforts to prevent the import of other companies’ displays into the US market. At the time, Samsung claimed that displays from Chinese companies were infringing on the Korean company’s patents.

written by GizmochinaThe said patent is related to OLED panels. Last year, instead of targeting Chinese companies directly, Samsung went after importing companies by filing a complaint with the US International Trade Commission. However, the Chinese have taken a stand against Samsung.

BOE, CSOT, Tianma and Visionx, which are among the major Chinese companies that have retaliated against Samsung, may have inadvertently admitted that their products infringed on the Korean giant’s patents.

The confrontation of Chinese companies with Samsung started at the beginning of last month; When the BOE sued Samsung and several subsidiaries in China. It is interesting that the BOE in its complaints went to Samsung’s chip and investment businesses, which are not directly related to the display business.

The US Board of Appeals is currently evaluating the case to investigate the claims made by the Chinese companies.


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