What is passive network equipment?

What is passive network equipment?


If you take a little longer at the bank, you might look around and above you and notice security cameras, or if it’s a small bank branch, you might even be able to find a compartment with lots of cables going in and out of it. .

Those cables enable communication between devices and computers and various network equipment, and all of them enter and exit a container that is connected to city-level destinations in different ways like city passenger terminals and transmits data packets on the network level. This container is generally called a server, which itself can be a small part of a larger network.

According to the type of activity, network equipment can be divided into two categories: active and passive, or in other words, active and passive. Network equipment are hardware and physical devices that communicate and interact with each other to transfer data at the network level.

Each of the equipment and parts of the network has a specific function and is generally responsible for providing different services to users. One of the important points that should be considered for network control and management is knowing the network equipment and their usage type so that the troubleshooting process can be done more easily.

The difference between active and passive network equipment

It is impossible to express the difference between these two categories of network equipment without providing their definition, and with the definition of each, their difference is also determined.

Active network equipment refers to hardware and devices that generate, direct, route and reproduce electronic signals. In fact, active network equipment includes all devices and parts that generate signals and transmit them on the surface using passive network equipment.


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