Using one Apple ID on two phones

Using one Apple ID on two phones


Sign in with the same Apple ID: This method is another way to use the same Apple ID on two phones, which allows you to download and sync apps, music, books, etc. on both devices. However, if you use the same Apple ID, your messages, photos, call logs and other personal information will be shared with the other phone, and if you don’t like this, you can easily prevent certain information from being loaded when you log into your account on the new device. .

How to separate two iPhones in one iCloud account?

If you use the same Apple ID on two phones and want to separate them, follow the steps below:

Turn off automatic downloads: This will prevent your apps from being loaded on another device. To do this, go to Settings, then iTunes & App Store, and turn off automatic download of apps.

Turn off audience sync: This will prevent your audience from being shared with another device. To turn this option off, you can find it in your iCloud settings.

Set up a different iCloud account: With this, you use an Apple ID for purchases; But you use a different iCloud account for your emails, calendar, contacts, backups, and photos.


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