20% improvement of Intel Core i7-14700K processor in the first unofficial benchmarks

The results of the AIDA64 test, which focuses on memory, report a significant increase in bandwidth. It is unclear what system the Core i7-14700K benchmarks were taken on; Because using a modern motherboard and advanced RAM modules can have a direct impact on the score obtained by Core i7-14700K.

In the Cinebench single-core benchmark test, the two Intel 14th generation and 13th generation processors do not differ much; But in the multi-core test, the situation changes. We also see this in the CPU-Z benchmark. The Core i7-14700K appears 20.6 and 17.5 percent faster than the previous generation in CPU-Z and Cinebench multi-core benchmarks, respectively.

Intel will probably unveil 14th generation desktop processors in the not too distant future. The 14th generation laptop processors produced in the form of the Meteor Lake family will be much more attractive products; Because they have different lithography and use newer technologies.

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