The power outage of the Efront data center caused some services to become unavailable

The power outage of the Efront data center caused some services to become unavailable


Since around noon today, Snapfood has been unavailable to users, and referring to this platform users are faced with the sentence “We will be back soon, due to a power outage in the data center, Snapfood is currently unavailable.”

After this disruption, Mozafari, the executive director of Green Web, wrote in a tweet that the reason for this disruption was the power outage of the Efront data center on Beheshti Street. According to him, this data center belongs to the telecommunications company and is managed by Afrant. The power connection of this data center took 75 minutes today and this is the second time in the last 30 days.

Afrant’s Vice President of Commerce, Mohsen Maliki, in an interview with the attachment He confirmed this news and emphasized that electricity and internet are exclusive in the country, and their frequent outages lead to data center outages and are beyond the control of the companies: “If we receive electricity from Tawanir, the layer under our control will also be completely It is stable and reliable.”

According to him, even backup equipment is limited, because there are a lot of power outages and voltage drops in the country.

Previously, when the problem of power supply in the data center of Bomahen caused the loss of four domestic platforms, it was raised that the data centers should be classified as sensitive centers so that their electricity will not be cut off.


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