Watch: This device repairs an iPhone’s screen without taking it apart by shining a laser on it


The most expensive part of an iPhone, as well as many other smartphones, is usually the screen. Now a new laser process can repair OLED panels that have lines on them without having to disassemble the screen.

Apple started using OLED displays on its smartphones in 2017 with the iPhone X, and this technology offers many attractive advantages. Of course, along with the progress in display technology, the cost of repairing them has also increased.

For example, to replace the OLED screen of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you have to pay $379, which is about a third of the total price of the device.

New laser technology can now repair OLED panels without taking them apart, saving you time and money.

YouTube channel Strange Partswho made a name for himself by releasing a video of an iPhone being made with parts bought in China, has taken a look at a laser device for repairing OLED displays.

The $12,000 laser machine does not repair OLED display cables. However, if your device’s screen shows extra lines, laser technology can even fix the problems of the middle OLED layer.

The process of repairing an OLED display with laser technology is manual, but it can still be very useful for mobile repairers.

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