Elon Musk: With artificial intelligence, we will understand why we haven’t met aliens yet


Elon Musk He believes that artificial intelligence will finally solve one of the biggest mysteries in human history: Why haven’t we communicated with extraterrestrials yet?

The CEO of Tesla, Twitter and SpaceX says his latest company, xAI, is pursuing human-like artificial intelligence (AGI). According to Musk, this version of AI will “understand the true nature of existence” and solve mysteries about dark matter, dark energy and gravity. This artificial intelligence may even solve Fermi’s paradox.

The Paradox of Form, which Elon Musk has been interested in for years, raises an important question: Why haven’t we seen or seen evidence of intelligent alien life yet? That too, in a situation where, statistically, we should have known about alien life by now.

Also, the question arises whether the lack of discovery of signs of alien life means that space aliens do not have an external existence.

According to Business Insiderthe paradox in question to Enrico Fermi is attributed; The person who was the mastermind of the first nuclear reactor. Fermi had put forward different theories to prevent aliens from coming to Earth; Including the fact that space travel at that level is not yet possible.

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