Aber Drak is looking for a share of half to one percent of Iran’s cloud market


This four-year-old intelligent cloud services infrastructure provider has drawn this vision for itself while the preliminary statistics from its annual report indicate a 74% growth in users and a 500% jump in service provisioning infrastructure capacities.

Aber Drak, which started its activity in 2018, today has reached its initial goals and plans to achieve bigger goals, which according to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aber Drak, Khonjosh, is a share of half to one percent of the market, which today has a volume of 83 thousand billion. Tomans

Last night, Abar Drak officially unveiled its visual identity. According to its managers, this visual identity change was done in order to create a unified experience for using the company’s solutions.

Sarah Rudd, co-founder and public relations manager of AberDrak, gave a brief history of the company at the beginning of the meeting. What ups and downs they went through since they started their work in 2018. In his speech, he said about crises in the field of the Internet and its disruption, which affected all companies and users, but they were not only able to overcome this problem, but it became a basis for the expansion of cloud infrastructure. This company was able to grow 300% in this field.

In her speech, Sara Rad also mentioned the problem of migration of efficient workers from the country. A case with which Aber Drak also got involved in 1400. According to him, this company lost its entire technical force once during this period and replaced it again.

Despite all these problems, Sarah Rudd believes that something like a miracle happened to them from 98 to 1400. At the end of that year, their activities reached a point where they tripled their support forces and were able to attract capital.

He also mentioned the crisis and internet disruptions in 1401 and said that it hurt them a lot, and of course, this was not their only problem last year, but the increase in the exchange rate also messed up AberDrak’s plans.

Rod emphasized in his words that they are still on the first path.

Sara Rad also said about the new visual identity of Aber Drak: “Change is a constant principle in our dynamic world, and we understand that in order to grow and satisfy our customers, we must always take this path.”

He added: “Our new model, which is one of the 12 models, is called “Khardmand”. The choice of this model reflects our desire to provide advanced cloud technologies and our effort to create value in line with our continuous commitment to customers. By adopting this model, we assume the responsibility of a trusted advisor and guide our customers through the complex path of using cloud services and enable them to make wise decisions for their business.”

Sarah Rudd added: “The color palette has been carefully chosen to reflect our values ​​and ideals. The selected blue and green colors represent stability, reliability and intelligence. The new logo also offers a modern and dynamic look of the brand, emphasizing the defined values.”

Changes in the visual identity of Aberdrak are not limited to the logo and color palette, and we see changes in other visual elements such as fonts and icons, along with graphic patterns with a network mood, which emphasize providing a better user experience.

Investing in the cloud infrastructure market is a slow return

Sina Soltani, the co-founder and CEO of Aber Drak, also spoke about the problems of work in Iran in this event. He described the biggest problem as the high investment in this area and said that investors are looking for quick profits, while this is an infrastructure investment and capital gains in this market are slow returns.

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