Watch: Nothing Phone (2) bend, scratch and flame resistance test

After the official introduction of Notting Phone (2), the famous YouTuber, Zach Nelson From the channel JerryRigEverything posted a video of the new Nutting device to test it in his usual style for resistance to bending, scratching, etc.

Zack In his videos, he always presents an interesting and simple explanation about smartphones, but this time he decided not to say a single word about Nothing Phone (2) so that viewers can imagine the story of the phone’s resistance test in their minds.

Zack First, Notting Phone 2 will be unboxed and given a glimpse of it, and then we will see a sample of the device’s attractive ringtones, which are coordinated with the LED system of the back cover. In the next step, as always, he puts a label with numbers 2 to 10 on the screen to check the resistance of the screen against scratches. In this section, we can see that Nothing Phone (2) is scratched with tool number 6, like most phones today, and tool number 7 leaves deeper lines on it.

The front camera of the Notting Phone (2) is located under the display glass and therefore sharp Zack It does not scratch. The frame of the device is made of metal, which is scratched with a sharp tip, and the glass back frame makes it perform like a screen in this test.

Zack Then he tests the display of the Nothing Phone (2) with a lighter, after a few seconds a white effect is seen at the place where the flame is applied. Of course, this white area will return to its original state after a very short time.

The fingerprint sensor of the Notting Phone (2) is located under the display and even after applying a lot of scratches on this area, it is still accurate and works well.

Finally, we see the Nlothing Phone (2) bending test Zack By applying a lot of pressure from both sides of the phone, it tries to bend it. Of course, the new Notting phone provides good performance at this stage and remains healthy. You can watch the full video of this test below.

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