Detecting song copyright through the site, YouTube + important points

Detecting song copyright through the site, YouTube + important points


CC BY: This license requires anyone using the copyrighted work to clearly identify the changes made while giving credit to the music.

CC BY-SA: Once you’ve made your changes to the original work, the new work carries the exact same license once published, and you can’t prevent others from changing or sharing your work.

CC-BY-ND: You may use the work for any commercial, non-commercial, educational, work, etc. purpose as long as you provide the required license credit and do not modify the work.

CC BY-NC: You may modify the original work as long as you do not use the work for commercial purposes. Finally, if you want to share or distribute the work, you must do so non-commercially.

CC BY-NC-SA: It is the same as the previous license; But as for how the new work is shared, it must have the same license as the original work.

BY-NC-ND: You have to give the music the necessary credit; But you cannot change it in any way; Even if it is not for commercial purposes.

If you use a song that includes any of these licenses, you must give credit to the author and mention his name. For example, let’s say you want to use the song “Odyssey Drums” by Kevin McLeod as background music. You must attribute the work to the author as follows:

Odyssey Drums is by Kevin McLeod and is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Royalty-Free Music

Royalty-free music eliminates the need to negotiate licensing fees and gives you the right to use copyrighted music however you like. Royalty-free music is usually not free to use. However, you will only pay for it once.

This type of music has several advantages over the other two options: firstly, modern and up-to-date music is included in this category, and secondly, you will not have any restrictions on its use. So, although royalty-free music is paid for, you can access it for much less than copyrighted music.

Music without copyright for YouTube

If you are looking for free and copyright-free music for your YouTube videos, the YouTube Audio Library is the best choice. To access this collection, which stores more than 1000 songs and 300 sound effects, you only need to have a YouTube account.

Aside from YouTube, sites like Thematic and Unminus offer a wide variety of copyright-free music; But it should be noted that only 5 songs can be downloaded per month on Thematic site. While the songs on the Unminus site, which are provided under the Creative Commons license, do not seek such restrictions. In these sites, you will have access to a collection of music without foreign copyright.

How to recognize copyright-free music


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