Interrogation of Elon Musk, due to the misuse of Tesla’s funds

Some Wall Street Journal sources say that Tesla is under investigation for wrongdoing Elon Musk, the CEO of this company has faced. Tesla’s board of directors on questionable use Mask They raised their concerns about the investments of this car brand in the construction of a personal residence near the Gigafactory factory in the Austin area, which is known as Project 42. Apparently, the move involves buying a lot of special glass that caught the attention of many employees last year. In addition, several limited liability companies related to the directors Mask and Tesla have acquired significant amounts of land in the vicinity of the mentioned building.

According to reports, the plans in question Mask It included personal spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, which indicate a private residence and this project is not related to Tesla.

Currently, the status and results of the investigation have not been disclosed, but it must be said that Tesla dissolved its public relations department a few years ago and Mask He also did not provide any explanation about this action. It is believed that the main purpose of the board of directors is to determine participation Mask And the answer to the question is whether he used Tesla employees during the company’s working hours to build a personal residence or not.

Gizmochina While bonuses like private jets are not uncommon for executives, Tesla has a relatively strict policy on the matter, he writes. The company mandates the board of directors to review and audit any expenditure over $120,000 involving a specific person such as the CEO.

This isn’t the first time a CEO of a major tech company has faced scrutiny over personal spending. Meta also recently Sheryl Sandberghis former chief executive on charges of using company resources for personal purposes such as wedding planning and suppressing negative media coverage related to his ex-partner. Bobby Kotick, investigated. Anyway, the case Mask It is very important because of his prominent position as CEO.

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