“VisionX” is launched to track the lost rights of users of centralized exchanges.

“VisionX” is launched to track the lost rights of users of centralized exchanges.


After the news of launching a legal campaign to pursue the rights of the losers of centralized exchanges was published and attracted the attention of Iranian users of the bankrupt “Bitrex” exchange, now new details of this collective movement and its management team have been published.

UNICEF, which is an international group active in the field of decentralized empowerment in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, with Publishing a news release He has announced that he is going to carry out this campaign in the form of setting up a non-profit legal foundation called “VisionX Foundation”. According to what UNIDF stated, this institution was established with the aim of supporting crypto (currency) investors against damages resulting from violations of centralized exchange platforms, and it is supposed to help the losers of these exchanges in the way of compensation.

The news of the launch of an international campaign to recover the rights of the losers of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges and inviting the losers to join this campaign had attracted the attention of the Iranian losers of the bankrupt Bitrex exchange in the last few days.

“VisionX Foundation’s mission is to combat fraud and deception in the world of centralized platforms to hold them accountable to their people,” UNICEF said in a statement describing the non-profit organization’s activities. The institute will support the growth of a decentralized community through research, advocacy, strategic advocacy and education. In fact, the founders of this foundation intend to help users recover their assets by providing advice and accompanying them in pursuing legal actions through a non-profit campaign.

Despite the explanations that have been announced about the main activity of this foundation, it seems that in the first step, the attention of the founders of this non-profit institution is supposed to be focused on recovering the claims of the users of a certain American exchange that since 2017, with the blocking of accounts, the possibility of accessing They have lost their property.

Apparently, the launch of the Vision X Institute is part of UNICEF’s social responsibility in the blockchain ecosystem. UNICEF has announced in its news releases that a large number of users affected by the bankruptcy of the exchange in question are in a state of uncertainty to recover their assets. Now the VisionX Foundation, which is actually a non-profit legal foundation, is going to take the first step to support the decentralized economy culture in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

UNICEF has stated its motivations for establishing this non-profit organization and launching the legal campaign as follows: “We must unite to support those who have been harmed by the actions of these centralized cryptocurrency platforms. These actions are not only to recover assets or receive damages; Rather, it is a purposeful activity for the decentralized future that we advocate. “Our mission is to facilitate the world’s transition to a decentralized future in technology, and we want to enable people to take full control of their finances, identity and data.”

Unidef has pointed out that the centralization approach has caused significant losses to groups of cryptocurrency investors to date, emphasizing: “Centralized platforms can disable user accounts for any reason, and this issue can lead to significant losses mainly due to the volatile nature of crypto-assets. Attention is paid.”

In its published call, UNICEF has requested various individuals to contact the Investigative Division via email if they have evidence related to harm caused by centralized cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Bittrex or its operators: investigation@visionx.foundation Communicate with the relevant foundation and accompany this group in better and faster progress of this non-profit project.

Now that all over the world, especially in Iran and some countries in the region, many affected users have been deprived of receiving their funds, it seems that launching such campaigns will improve the hope of improving the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Experts believe that with the start of activities of institutions similar to “VisionX Foundation”, a culture of orientation towards decentralized assets in the field of digital currencies will develop.


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