Turkish startup made history; Marty’s shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange

The US-Turkey Business Council, which operates under the supervision of the US Chamber of Commerce, has officially announced Turkish startup Marti Technologies is listed on the New York Stock Exchange; It is the first time that the initial public offering of a Turkish company is done in the New York Stock Exchange.

Founded in 2018 and providing urban transportation services, Marti is the first Turkish startup to be exclusively listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Marty’s addition to the New York Stock Exchange is an important event in the history of the US-Turkish trade. These two countries have increased the volume of bilateral trade by more than 70% since 2019.

Marty has been working with US tech companies for a long time to grow his client base. This company has also attracted the opinion of some American investors to expand its programs; One of Marti’s attractive services is shared transportation through two-wheeled electric vehicles.

The executive director of the American-Turkey Business Council says that American companies and investors continue to support the continuous growth of innovative startups in Turkey. He says that Turkey has a culture of entrepreneurship and an exciting advanced ecosystem in the field of technology.

Founder and CEO Marty says becoming a public company is a step towards achieving the main goal; That is, turning Marti into a super transportation app: “We are also proud to facilitate the business relationship of American investors and other Turkish startups.”

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