Instagram boss thinks Android is better than iOS

Instagram boss thinks Android is better than iOS


Meta, the developer of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Trades, has a tense relationship with Apple. These two companies have criticized each other in various fields, especially privacy. The tense relationship between Meta and Apple reached its peak with the arrival of iPhone’s ATT feature.

In this regard, it is clear for many users that meta managers do not have a positive view of Apple. Adam Musserythe head of Instagram, in response to one of the posts Marquez Brunellia famous YouTuber in the field of technology, said In his opinion, “Android is now better than iOS.”

Trades users generally disagreed with what Adam Mussery said. “I hate privacy too,” one user mocked Musari. Of course, Musari was not completely alone. Some Android fans supported the Instagram boss.

What is your opinion of Zoomit users? In your opinion, Android or iOS is better?


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