TSMC showed off its achievements for the chip industry

TSMC showed off its achievements for the chip industry


N3P, an advanced version of 3nm lithography, will enter the production line in 2024 and will increase processing power by 5% and reduce power consumption by 5-10%, and the density of chips based on N3P will be about 1.04 times higher than N3E.

Due to the strong demand from the automotive industry, TSMC plans to make N3AE lithography available as well. N3AE is based on N3 and specially optimized for automotive processing.

In 2025, the Taiwanese company TSMC will go to the long-awaited 2-nanometer lithography. In this lithography, TSMC uses nanoplate technology and says goodbye to FinFET transistors.

Compared to N3E, N2 increases processing power by 10-15% and reduces energy consumption by 25-30%. N2-based chips will have approximately 1.15 times more transistor density.


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