12 massive volcanic eruptions recorded in history

12 massive volcanic eruptions recorded in history


  • Time of occurrence: 1883
  • Intensity: VEI 6

The roar of Krakatoa (pronounced Krakatoa) during the summer weeks and months of 1883 finally culminated in a massive explosion on April 26 and 27 of that year. This layered volcano in Indonesia is located in the subduction zone of the volcanic island arc, where the Eurasian plate collides with the Indian and Australian plates. The eruption of this volcano led to the expulsion of some stones, ash and thorny stones. The final explosion had the loudest and most terrifying sound in all of human history and was heard over ten percent of the earth’s surface.

This volcanic explosion caused a tsunami that resulted in 40-meter high waves and nearly 36,000 deaths. Deadly forces reached more than 11,000 kilometers to the Arabian Peninsula and even increased the height of the waves.

Although the host island of Krakatoa was completely destroyed in this eruption, new eruptions that began in 1927 created the Anak Krakatu cone, or Krakatu baby, in the center of the volcanic bowl formed by the 1993 eruption. Anak Krakatu periodically activates and creates a new island in the shadow of its parent. The last eruption occurred in February 2022.

4. Santa Maria eruption


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