The expansion of the universe may just be an illusion

The expansion of the universe may just be an illusion


A guide to the dark world

Lambrisser’s new framework also eliminates some other cosmological issues, such as the nature of dark matter. This invisible substance has a ratio of 5 to 1 particles more than the particles of ordinary matter; But due to not interacting with light, it has a mysterious nature.

Lambrisser suggests that field fluctuations can behave like an axion field. Axions are hypothetical particles and one of the candidates for dark matter. These fluctuations can also eliminate dark energy, which is a hypothetical force responsible for stretching the fabric of space and causing galaxies to move away at an incredible speed.

In this model, the effect of dark energy can be described based on the masses of particles that have a different evolutionary path in the world. According to Lambrisser, there is no need for dark energy in such a scenario.

Luz Angela Garcia, a postdoctoral researcher at ECCI Columbia University, was impressed by Lambrisser’s new interpretation and how to solve problems. Garcia says that this paper is very interesting and could lead to a different result for cosmological problems. In fact, this theory acts as an outlet for the existing tensions in the world of cosmology.

However, Garcia cautions against evaluating the new research data, stressing that the research includes elements in the theoretical model that may not be objectively testable, at least not in the near future.


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