The Windows 11 app store will be equipped with artificial intelligence


Microsoft plans to improve the Windows Store user experience by using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company recently announced that it will offer AI Hub in the Windows 11 App Store, which will bring benefits to both users and developers.

written by VergeThe main goal of AI Hub is to provide tools and resources that allow developers to develop and improve their applications with artificial intelligence. Developers will also be able to improve the functionality and performance of their applications with technologies such as machine learning and data analysis.

AI Hub allows users to easily find and install smart apps from the Windows 11 Store. This part of the Microsoft Store includes programs, games and applications that are developed on the basis of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Due to the increasing progress of artificial intelligence, this part of the Windows Store has a potential capacity for growth and development.

By presenting AI Hub in the Windows 11 Store, Microsoft gives developers and users a new opportunity to use the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning and enjoy a better user experience. This action of the technology giant from Redmond can also be a way to develop and advance artificial intelligence technology in the field of software and other operating systems.

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