It is possible to use digital assets and NFT in Google Play apps and games

It is possible to use digital assets and NFT in Google Play apps and games


Joseph MillsThe company has updated its app store policies to allow developers to integrate digital assets such as NFTs with their apps and games through the Google Play Store, Google’s product manager announced.

As part of its policy changes, Google has announced that apps must be transparent with users about tokenized digital assets, and that developers can’t advertise or tout any potential revenue from game activities and transactions.

Apps that do not comply with Google Play policies on real money betting, gaming and tournaments will not be able to receive money for winning assets such as NFT. Mills “The new changes include providing mechanisms to receive blockchain-based random items from purchases such as ammo boxes and equipment,” it says.

These restrictions could potentially prevent newcomers to the NFT space from being lured in because apps and games cannot use deceptive marketing tactics like get-rich-quick.

Mills “This new change also allows Google Play apps and games to help increase loyalty by offering unique NFT rewards in regular games where users have already earned items,” he noted.

Google anticipates that users will begin to experience tokenized digital assets and NFTs in-app and in-game later this summer.

Matt WilliamsonReddit’s chief engineering officer announced that the company already offers wallets cryptocurrency And NFT avatars have been a huge success, helping Google better implement new changes to its app store.

TechCrunch In the future, Google Play plans to work with its business partners to improve support for blockchain-based applications, he writes.

While Google updates its policies, one of the biggest app stores, Apple’s App Store, remains unchanged. In general, Apple has taken a cautious stance on the digital asset ecosystem by imposing additional fees on the sale of NFTs, and most NFT makers do not agree with this decision.

Apple announced in October that apps can offer users the ability to view, transfer, create, and list NFTs. Of course, the rules of the technology giant from Cupertino do not allow access to more facilities through NFT. Although apps can provide features such as browsing other people’s collections, they are not capable of displaying external links, buttons or calls to purchase NFTs. Users can only purchase non-exchangeable tokens through Apple’s in-app payment system and in accordance with the company’s official guidelines.

It is possible that Apple will make changes in the App Store policies in the future to further grow in the blockchain world and match Google’s growing position.


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