Zarepour: For the well-being and comfort of the people of ECO member countries, we must make maximum use of new technologies.


Issa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, said in the opening ceremony of the official meeting of the third Ministerial Meeting of Communications and Information Technology of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) member countries: “Today is the birthday of the great Iranian scientist, Khawarzmi, who played an important role in new mathematics that is the basis of has had computer science. For this reason, today is named the National Information Technology Day in the Islamic Republic of Iran. “We take the symmetry of Information Technology Day and holding today’s meeting as a good omen.”

Emphasizing that the Islamic Republic of Iran attaches a special place to the ECO organization, he said: “In the past years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has also tried to use all its power for the cooperation of the member countries.”

Zarepour added: “Given Iran’s special position, it can play a constructive role in cooperation between member countries.” According to him, after holding the first meeting of Ministers of Communication and Information Technology of ECO member countries in Iran and subsequently holding the second meeting in Baku, good achievements and approvals have been obtained, the full implementation of which can lead to significant changes in the member countries. .

He further stated: “Today, we are holding the third meeting of the Ministers of Communications, while good decisions were made yesterday in the meeting of experts, and I hope that by approving it in this meeting and then following it up, we will be able to witness the growth and progress of the ECO member countries. Be in the field of communication and information technology.

According to the public relations report of the Ministry of Communications, following this meeting, Khosro Nazeri, the Secretary General of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) at the meeting of the Ministers of Communications of the member countries, in his speech, referring to the advancements in technology and communications, emphasized that these advancements can have negative and positive effects. have

He explained that with the increase in the role of platforms, the role of governments decreases: “We need to use appropriate solutions to increase the role of governments in managing society and other issues.”

The general secretary of ECO stated: “Communications and information technology can lead to sustainable development and identification of new opportunities, and in this regard, it is necessary to have joint cooperation for the development of these technologies in ECO members.”

Referring to the development of a strategy for this field in ECO member countries by 2025, Nazeri asked ECO members to prepare and develop a new strategy for the ICT field by 2030.

The Secretary General of ECO also mentioned the creation of a digital network in ECO member countries and said: “This network can provide public services in this area to the members.”

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