The reason for the washing machine not draining water

Any of the above scenarios can be the reason for the washing machine not draining water. The proper height for draining washer water in LG washing machine, Samsung washing machine or other brands can be different. Fortunately, the manual gives you the proper height range for draining. If the current height is less than ideal, you may need to relocate the drain hose or standpipe. Of course, if this method does not solve the problem, there are other ways to manually drain the washing machine, which we will discuss in the following article.

3. The problem of the house’s plumbing system

It seems reasonable to assume that the washing machine’s water not draining must be related to the machine itself, but sometimes, the main fault is related to the plumbing of the building. Clogged pipes that remove dirty water from the washing machine can prevent the machine from draining. Try disconnecting the drain hose and holding it vertically to drain the water. If the blockage is not too far from the building’s drain pipe, it may be possible to pull it out with narrow tools. In addition, you can pour a little water into the pipe to determine whether it is blocked or not.

4. Improper load distribution

Poor load distribution can be the reason for the washing machine not draining water. If at any point of washing, the items inside the drum become unbalanced, the washing machine may not be able to spin well, and thus, the clothes may not drain out with the clothes piled up on one side.

Many people shake the washing machine when distributing the load improperly, but doing this repeatedly can cause damage.

5. Door switch failure

When the door switch is working properly, it is possible to detect whether it is closed or open and otherwise prevent the cycle from running. If you’ve opened the washing machine door in the middle of a cycle, you’ve probably noticed that it stops working until you close it again. Thus, if there is a problem with the door switch, it prevents the device from rotating and this can prevent the water from draining. To test this part, press your finger or the tip of a pencil against the door switch to see if it works properly.

If you still don’t know why the water is not draining from your washing machine, you should probably get help from a home appliance repair specialist. These people usually have a lot of information about problems with products such as washing machines and repair them quickly without damaging other components of the machine.

How to drain the washing machine water manually?

If your washing machine cannot drain the water completely, it will be your responsibility to do so. There are several ways to manually drain the water from the washing machine:

Use a bucket: Taking out water with a bucket, bowl or other equipment is very practical in most cases and many people who have faced the problem of not automatically draining water from the washing machine use it. However, this method is time-consuming and can tire your back.

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