The uproar of Iranian scientists; This robot makes the dream of the movie Transformers come true!

Caltech (California Institute of Technology) has developed a new robot that can change shape to drive, fly and walk. In a press release, this university has compared the M4 robot to the movie Transformers.

According to VergeThe new Coltech robot is equipped with electronic components, a motor and a small computer. This computer decides what mode the M4 should enter when traveling on different routes.

The M4 robot is equipped with large wheels that can be lifted up in seconds to transform into a drone. Under certain conditions, the robot can stand on two of its wheels and start moving.

Robot M4 by Morteza Gharib (known as Mary Gharib), Professor of Aeronautics and Environmentally Inspired Engineering at Caltech, is designed. Gharib to make this robot with Alireza Ramezani, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at Northeastern University. These two were inspired by animals such as seagulls and lionfish to make the robot in question. The M4 robot uses Nvidia’s Jetson Nano miniature computer.

According to Caltech, the M4 can achieve “eight different types of motion.” This robot changes its shape automatically by using artificial intelligence and checking the environment conditions.

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