Samsung’s 1.4nm processors will arrive in 2027

Samsung’s 1.4nm processors will arrive in 2027


Samsung Foundry, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics that operates in the chip industry, has released its latest lithography roadmap. The company will begin production of SF2 lithography (2nm class) in 2025, and SF1.4 lithography (1.4nm class) will arrive in 2027.

According to AnandtecAssuming constant clock speed and chip complexity, SF2 lithography lowers power consumption by 25% compared to SF3, increases power by 12% and increases chip area by 5%.

To make SF2 more competitive, Samsung plans to make chips based on this lithography with modern standards such as LPDDR5x and HBM3P and PCIe Gen6.

In 2026, after SF2, Samsung will move to SF2P, which will be optimized for high-power computing (HPC). A year later, SF2A Lithography arrives with a focus on the automotive industry. At the same time, we will see the beginning of mass production of SF1.4 lithography.

Samsung’s two-nanometer lithography arrives almost at the same time as TSMC N2 lithography (two-nanometer class). Intel has said that it will make 20A lithography (2nm class) available to its customers almost a year earlier.

Samsung has said it will continue to invest in radio frequency technologies. The company’s five-nanometer RF lithography will be ready in the first half of 2025. Compared to 14 nm RF lithography, this lithography reduces energy consumption by 40% and increases the density of transistors by about 50%.

Samsung will also start producing gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor parts in 2025. These chips will be used in electronic products and data centers and the automotive industry. The Korean tech industry giant is also looking to expand its production line in different countries.


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