Drug addiction in Silicon Valley; Elon Musk uses ketamine!

Drug addiction in Silicon Valley;  Elon Musk uses ketamine!


Elon Musk He uses ketamine and Go Sergi Sometimes he enjoys consuming magic mushroom. Directors of Founders Fund, known for its investments in SpaceX and Facebook, have held parties where psychedelics were consumed.

news agency Wall street Journal In a shocking report, it says that drug use used to be done after working hours; But now it has become an organizational culture and company managers struggle with the consumption of labor from these materials.

Informed sources say that Elon Musk uses microdoses of ketamine. Apparently, Musk has said that ketamine is a better alternative to antidepressants when taken occasionally.

Musk, now 52, ​​previously spoke about his struggles with mental health in 2017. He had talked about experiencing extreme stress, speculating that he might have bipolar disorder. According to the Wall Street Journal, people close to Elon Musk have witnessed him taking ketamine; Of course, in small doses.

Following the Wall Street Journal’s report, Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that depression in the United States is “overdiagnosed”; But for some people, this disease is considered a “chemical problem of the brain”.

He also said that taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) is akin to zombifying people. Ketamine is a legal drug in the United States for the treatment of severe depression that has not been relieved by other treatments.


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