The interesting story of the theft of 2 million dollars from the shipment of Apple products

The interesting story of the theft of 2 million dollars from the shipment of Apple products


Apple is a very large company that operates in 167 countries. The Cupertino-based technology giant has various websites and physical stores in countries around the world, and its authorized dealers serve customers in different regions. It goes without saying that the activity in such dimensions can lead to problems.

For example, it was recently revealed that someone paid a bribe to reroute a $2 million shipment to Apple, and has now admitted to doing so.

Retailers must contact this company and register their order to supply Apple products; However, a company in Hong Kong took a different approach, leading to the theft of a $2 million shipment of products it had ordered from Apple.

written by GizmochinaA man named Yong Fu Huo By paying a bribe of 700 thousand dollars to the transport company William Woo He asked them to deliver the products ordered by the Hankangi company to him instead of the real owner. Woo He accepted the offer and sent the products to Yong Fu Huo delivered and then presented a fake document to disclaim liability to the Hong Kong company.

Fortunately, the fraud of Yong Fu Huo and William Woo It was not successful; Because the law enforcers arrested Wu by acting on the complaint of the company ordering Apple products.

During his interrogation, he admitted to interstate transportation of stolen property and was sentenced to 10 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a $250,000 fine. Wu also agreed to pay $2 million to the victim; But the fate of Yong Fu Huo is not clear yet; Although it is said that he will face the same sentence as Wu.


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