The sharp growth of the amount of capital in the cryptocurrency market after the price of Bitcoin crossed the $30,000 level

The sharp growth of the amount of capital in the cryptocurrency market after the price of Bitcoin crossed the $30,000 level


Recently, we have seen a lot of investment in the cryptocurrency market. This increase in market capitalization came amid numerous developments and updates in the crypto industry, the impact on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is quite palpable.

Bitcoin, the world’s top cryptocurrency in terms of market volume, experienced a very significant price jump in the last 24 hours and reached over 30,000 dollars. This price increase caused the value of the king of cryptocurrencies to increase by about 10% and the currency of the entire cryptocurrency market to increase by 9.5%.

One of the most important reasons for the increase in the price of Bitcoin and the increase in investment in the global cryptocurrency market is Blackrock. Last week, this company registered the Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the stock exchange and turned the fear and uncertainty of the digital currency market into hope and confidence.

Blackrock’s action, along with other important developments, including the price of Bitcoin reaching the important level of $30,000, increased the amount of investment in the cryptocurrency market.

Invesco has made a similar request to BlackRock, while WisdomTree and Deutsche Bank have helped raise hopes in the market with strategic moves on a bitcoin ETF filing and a filing for a license to hold the cryptocurrency, respectively.

These actions are an example of significant changes in the industry’s view of cryptocurrencies and are playing an important role in fueling the influx of capital into the crypto market. In fact, since June 21, 2023, more than 100 billion dollars of money have entered the cryptocurrency market, which expands the belief in the strong potential of digital assets.

As Bitcoinist He points out that the increase in investment volume in the cryptocurrency market is a sign of increased confidence and enthusiasm among investors who are looking for appropriate returns and diverse opportunities in digital assets.

On the other hand, investors such as Citadel Securities, Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab have helped to increase the volume of capital in this market by launching EDX Markets.


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