Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk chanting for a real cage fight

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk chanting for a real cage fight


Apparently two of the richest people in the world viz Mark Zuckerberg And Elon Musk They decide to fight each other. Even the reliable Verge website has reported the possibility of conflict between the CEO of Meta and Tesla.

If you are a little confused, what is meant by the fight between Zuckerberg And Mask What is it, what is actually meant is the real fight; Where two people physically throw their punches and kicks at the opponent. In these types of events, usually one person falls on the ground due to the blows and the second person raises his hands as a sign of victory.

the clash Zuckerberg And Mask It started with some talk, and as you’ve probably guessed, Tesla’s CEO responded.

Since Meta publicly announced its plans to launch a rival platform to Twitter, tensions between Zuckerberg And Mask Increased. The new meta platform still in development is known as Project 92 and will likely be released as Threads. The social network is now seen as a very significant threat to Twitter, and Meta’s top executives are aware of the fact that their program has a lot in common with Twitter. Zuckerberg He refers to it as “meta’s answer to Twitter”.

Mask who was clearly enraged by Meta’s actions, with sarcastic jokes to Zuckerberg And his company responded. Referring to Meta’s new program, the famous billionaire announced: “I am sure that the world will not wait until it is exclusively at hand. Zuckerberg be.”

One of the Twitter users sarcastically Mask “You better be careful,” he said, “for I have heard.” Zuckerberg “Does jujitsu.” The CEO of Tesla and the owner of Twitter also said in response to these types of tweets: “If it’s him, I’m ready to fight in the cage.”

Zuckerberg After observing Rajzkhani Mask, published his answer on Instagram. He also shared the tweet Mask He replied: “Send me the location.”

So far, many people have imagined that the interludes between Mask And Zuckerberg It is only a kind of entertainment for rich people. Anyway, it looks like the communication team Zuckerberg In a conversation with Verge declared that he really intends to Mask to fight Of course to do this fight, definitely Elon Musk must also announce the final approval. According to Verge, the post Zuckerberg In fact, his Instagram account was not a joke, so now the ball is in the court Mask Is.

A cage fight between two famous tech billionaires will definitely be interesting to watch. Mask He looks very tall but spends most of his time behind the computer keyboard. On the other hand, Zuckerberg has done a lot of physical exercises and seems to be in very good physical condition.


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