Comparison of original and fake PS4

The gamepad is one of the most important accessories for gamers, and when buying it, they should pay attention to important points to recognize a fake gamepad. In this article, we will examine different methods to detect the fake game category and compare it with the original PS4 game category.

More than 9 years have passed since the launch of PlayStation 4 (Dualshock 4) and since that day, fake versions of this game have been sold in the market. Most of the times, when users buy a PS4 game console, they buy a fake game console instead of the original game console for their game console, and after Its poor performance in games and short shelf lifeThey realize this.

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Disadvantages of using fake game category

Fake PS4 gamepads don’t have features such as the controller’s vibration when hitting an obstacle in games, and their buttons fail quickly. The Bluetooth version of the fake handle may not be compatible with the game console, and when playing, the commands will be executed with a delay in the game. The battery used in the fake PS4 game category has a shorter life than the battery of the original game category, and the battery percentage may be displayed incorrectly. In general, fake and counterfeit game packs have a shorter lifespan than original game packs.

Printing quality and box packaging

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